BlackWatch Asset Management is a strategic manager of value-added and core plus investments in partnership with institutional and private capital investors.

BlackWatch establishes and monitors customized asset management strategies for investment properties owned by the firm. The firm’s services include:

•  Maximize total return for each assigned   asset through the analysis of property   efficiencies and identifying opportunities   for improved performance


• Monitor market conditions and work   closely with our property management   team and third party leasing agents to   provide direction and oversight of   business plans, budgets, forecasts, leases,   analysis and approvals


• Manage cash flow, distribution analysis   and investment projections


• Develop and distribute asset    management reports to investors,       consultants and other partners


• Review and approve leases and annual   operating and capital budgets

• Provide pre-acquisition input and   assistance in due diligence process,   including review of financial and    operational assumptions, and supporting   the effort of originating and negotiation   of debt financing


• Model full life cycle / financial analysis   for each asset from acquisition through   disposition.


• Manage coordination of post acquisition   activities integration of asset(s) into the   firm’s ownership portfolio


• Oversee asset disposition process


• Ensures Regulatory Compliance



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The BlackWatch Difference


What makes BlackWatch Partners different than other real estate investment and operating companies on the market?  Our team brings a new level of energy, creativity and flexibility to the table, along with valuable industry experience and relationships needed to turn smart investments into superior returns.


BlackWatch actively manages each step of the investment process, including sourcing deal flow, due diligence, acquisition, asset and property management, value creation, and multiple exit options, to ensure success.



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